Investment Banking used to be a highly innovative industry, but years of cost-cutting and restructuring have weakened the structures and culture that once encouraged new client-centric ideas and innovation.

Technological and entrepreneurial talent has recognized this stagnation and begun to turn to other industries.

Continued Regulatory pressure, technical debt, and the massive sunk cost of legacy systems also serve as barriers to innovation.

Welcome to the Rise of Digitl Investment Banking

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In almost any industry you can name, there are pre-existing ad hoc workflows that are filled with intermediaries that slow down the process and add costs. These ad hoc workflows have evolved over many decades, and use intermediaries to transfer trust.

Rationalized workflows using Blockchain, Distributed ledger technology and decentralization are One Thousand times quicker and 100 times less expensive than the ad hoc workflows they replace.

Will you company be Leading the Blockchian Revolution in your Industry, or will your company be left behind?

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Proof of Trust - The Clear Business Directory™ doesn’t just give you an “A” rating and is not a peer review site. Instead, your business gets to operate in full transparency with your potential clients.

And because we vet our members annually for frauds and scams, your clients will continue to have peace of mind year after year.

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Clear Business Directory Due Diligence Club

Get access to our running list of frauds and scams, Our list of resources for standard DIY due diligence,Access to pre-vetted cryptocurrency resources & tools.

Access to pre-vetted cryptocurrency coaches along with On going Education and cryptocurrency resources at Regular Monthly Q & A club calls

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Blockchain Weekly: A Weekly Video Chat Discussion and Q&A Covering the Hottest Blockchain Topics.

A regular series of LIVE virtual video Shindigs covering the issues, companies, and thought leaders involved in a market that is moving along at a breathtaking pace!

Every Wednesday, this will be your destination for talks, interviews, and most of all video engagement with experts in the blockchain community as well as networking with fellow blockchain enthusiast attendees!

2:00 EST 1:00 CDT 11:00 PST

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Will your company be Leading the Blockchian Revolution in your Industry, or will your company be left behind?

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